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Medium Antique Kent peg tiles cover the main and Red Antique Kent peg tile compliment the vertical on this stunning building in rural Kent.

Hanbury Churchland & Honeywell plain tiles cover the roof on this quaint single storey building.

Medium Antique Kent peg were used on this extension in Sittingbourne, Kent. Blending in gracefully with the natural surroundings.

A close up of a tri-colour blend, comprising of Hanbury Appledore, Honeywell and Churchland.

A nearly-completed pool house covered with a Medium Antique and Dark Antique blend of Kent pegs, closely matching the tiles on the original property.

A blend of Medium Antique and Dark Antique Kent pegs were laid on this new build.

Medium Antique Kent pegs offer natural variety due to the positing they are set within the kiln stack. A roof covered in handmade tiles is easily set apart from the others.

A perfect combination. Our Hanbury Churchland are found on the main roof and complimented by our Hanbury Appledore on the vertical.

The Royal Horticultural Society’s garden at Wisley used our Hanbury Burmarsh on the roof of this building. The natural variations within the Burmarsh make for a perfectly textured roof.

Our Hanbury Burmarsh are also suited to vertical tile hanging. This property in Crawley also has our specially made Admiral tiles on the roof.

Medium Antique Kent peg tiles cover this large picturesque property in Hythe, Kent.

Medium Antique Kent peg tiles are used on this oak framed office buildings, complementing the local area.

Working with architects Ridge, Hoare & Morris, we were chosen to manufacturer bespoke tiles for the roofing project at Somerton Castle. A grade I listed castle and also priority A on English Heritage at risk register, it was of upmost importance to make sure the tiles met the criteria to please the conservation officer and that of the architects involved. We set out to reproduce samples to match the original tiles, this included colour matching and replicating the original tiles thickness. On approval, 25,000 tiles were produced and supplied to the project through Rinus Roofing Supplies. Architect Mark Hoare of Ridge, Hoare and Morris was very pleased with final product supplied.

Medium Antique Kent peg tiles bless this charming house in Bethersden, Kent.

Baron Robert Sackville West lays the final tile on the roof of Knole Park in Sevenoaks. A magnificent Grade I listed building that was originally built between 1456 and 1486. Steeped in history, King Henry VIII took over the house in 1538 from Archbishop Thomas Cranmer.

A blend of bespoke smooth faced Medium and Dark tiles, available upon request.

A full load leaving our yard. Our transport options cater for all needs, including crane offload, moffett, or even handball unloads.

A blend of bespoke smooth faced Medium and Dark tiles, available upon request.

A blend of colours on this vertical, with some club tiles thrown in for added effect. The natural variations in colour, size and shape is caused by stresses in the manufacturing process coupled with positioning in the kiln.

A two bay garage covered with our Medium Antique Kent pegs. Roofing works carried out by R. Riley Roofing.

Aerial drone pictures show off the roof on this beautiful property. A bespoke blend of medium and dark smooth faced tiles was used to match the local, rural surrounding.