Spicer Handmade Clay Peg Tiles

Sourcing original peg tiles can be a task in itself. Not only are they expensive but can quickly deteriorate once stripped off and re-fitted. With over 25 years experience of peg tile making, Spicer peg tiles and fittings are handmade to the highest quality, using traditional techniques to create the "original" Kent peg look.

Each Spicer tile is uniquely crafted with subtle variations of size, colour and texture that have been adorning the roofs of buildings in South East England since the Middle Ages. Modern firing technology ensures the tiles achieve the highest standards in strength and durability.

Spicer tiles are ideal for new build properties as well as blending in with original peg tiles for renovation on older buildings. In addition to peg, eave and gable tiles, ornamental tiles and tapered oast tiles are also produced to create a roof that is a "little bit special".

Available in two textures – Antique and Smooth, with a variety of colour options, Spicer peg tiles provide a perfect, cost – effective solution, satisfying architects, planners and roofers alike.